Lower Road Signs

Monday 14 September 2009

N0. 88 Bar & Grill

This was a traditional pub which has now been changed into a modern bar with an open plan dining area. The fascia signs are applied gloss black acrylic letters on locators with trough lighting. The splayed corner sign is a custom-made lightbox, mounted off the wall for a halo effect. The New signage scheme has transformed this site.


Monday 7 September 2009

The Unicorn Aldershot

A traditional pub just off the High St, painted in a dark red before and has now been re-decorated in Natural Hessian. As for the sign we have made two new gloss black fascia's and restored , re-used the exisiting lettering.
The focal point for this pub is the splayed corner as it faces the High St. We restored the existing cut out unicorn and applied it to a new fascia panel, finishing with a gold coachline and lettering.
New gloss black aluminuim amenity boards and a swing sign were made to replace the damage wooden ones.